Our Team

Silverline Entertainment, Inc. was established to acquire, finance, produce, and distribute commercially driven films on a worldwide basis.

Through the years, Silverline established and solidified its reputation as an independent in the Hollywood entertainment community. Having cultivated relationships with studio executives, managers, and agents, Silverline has the ability to attach star talent to its projects.


Leman Cetiner


Leman Cetiner has been a prominent force in the international motion picture industry as an independent financier, producer, distributor and sales agent for more than thirty-two years. Ms. Cetiner began her career in 1983 as a buyer/distributor of film rights for German-speaking territories in Europe for Courage Film Productions, which was one of the largest video distributors in Germany at that time, along with her own company, Unifox Film Corporation. Ms. Cetiner had acquired theatrical, television and video rights of more than 150+ films for German-speaking Europe including “Double Edge” starring Faye Dunaway, “Madigan’s Millions” starring Dustin Hoffman, “Who am I This Time?” starring Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken, “The Buddy Holly Story” starring Gary Busey, “Nomads” starring Pierce Brosnan, “Fourth War” from legendary director John Frankenheimer, and “Babette’s Feast”, the winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In 1993, Ms. Cetiner founded Silverline Pictures, Inc., and expanded her operation into film financing, production and worldwide sales. She produced over a dozen motion pictures, which she successfully financed through pre-sale distribution agreements. Ms. Cetiner’s production credits include “Where Truth Lies” starring Kim Cattrall and Malcolm McDowell, “Last Assassins” a.k.a. “Dusting Cliff” starring Lance Henriksen and Nancy Allen, “Angels Don’t Sleep Here” starring Robert Patrick and Roy Scheider, “The Last Warrior” a.k.a. “The Last Patrol” starring Dolph Lundgren, and “Lethal” starring Lorenzo Lamas. As a worldwide sales agent, Ms. Cetiner forged strategic relationships with the major distributors of theatrical and television rights in the North American, European, Asian, and Latin American markets. With an established distribution pipeline in the United States and throughout the world, Ms. Cetiner formed Silverline Entertainment, Inc. in 1998 to finance, produce, and distribute its own productions and to distribute feature films on behalf of other independent producers. Among the films Ms. Cetiner acquired and successfully distributed are “Finder’s Fee” starring Ryan Reynolds, Mathew Lillard, and James Earl Jones and directed by Jeff Probst (Survivor T.V. Series); “Ghost Rock” starring Gary Busey and Jeff Fahey; “Endangered Species” starring Eric Roberts; “Dream Warrier” starring Lance Henriksen; “Warrier Angels” starring Rutger Hauer and Joana Pacula; “The Medicine Show” starring Jonathan Silverman and Kari Wuhrer.

Josef Brandmaier

ICO Film Finance, Unifinance Media GmbH

Josef Brandmaier is a veteran all-rounder in the international movie industry. In 1986 he started out as a film projectionist in a suburban theatre and was subsequently involved in theatre management as well as film marketing before entering the film finance world. For over 25 years he represented European film financing banks and was a founding member of the BBF Bayerischer Bankenfonds, a German public and private equity vehicle, linked to several Bavarian subsidy organizations. In 2015 he founded Unifinance Media GmbH and Toruk Media, offering financial services, product placement, merchandising, and distribution for feature films. For more than 20 years he’s been serving as ICO of the Media Team and industrial advisor for Unicredit. As such, he has been organizing structured finance for a range of international projects and has also been representing a group of individual business angels making investments into film and TV projects. The over 800 movies and TV series into which Josef was involved to finance include not only such US blockbusters as Mission Impossible 2 and 3, Terminator 3, and Tomb Raider; but also the award winning projects Whale Rider, LA Crash, Downfall, and Nowhere in Africa. Besides financing feature films, he’s also been involved in P&A funding, sponsoring, and product placement in movies such as The Expendables 2 and 3, Jurassic World, and London has Fallen, just to name a few. By the beginning of 2015, Josef focused on executive producing movies and supervising financial matters as well as finance structures for over 40 movies already and counting. The budgets of the movies Josef is working on with his vast international networks range from 50,000 to 100 million USD and span locations around the globe such as the US, China, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America; with focuses on Mexico, Eastern Europe, and lately, South Africa and Mauritius. Of course, Josef is still active in Western Europe where his home base is, and is working on co-productions out of Germany with France, Austria, Spain, Belgium, and Italy.

Gerard Collette

Gerard Collette began his film career soon after graduating film and television studies producing and directing many short films such as "Kung Fu Cowboys" staring Kent Harper ("Surveillance" by Jennifer and David Lynch) and Gil Gayle (Deadwood, Still Life) "7 Minutes" Berlin Film Festival. His first penned script "Wax" received critical acclaim at the Angel City Film Festival now the LA Film Festival and was soon picked up by MGM to later then be moved to Esparsa Katz Productions ("Selena" Jennifer Lopez "Introducing Dorothy Dandrige" Halle Berry, "Gettysburg" Tom Beringer) working with Michael De Luca of New Line Cinema. Though the film never made it to the big screen, Gerard soon was picked up by ICM and was farmed out to work on many scripts rewrites for film television and abroad productions looking for an American gritty voice in scripts. He later was hired by a the then new Alcon Entertainment to pitch and pen the first draft of "Starsky & Hutch". After years of working as a script doctor, He later Co-founded 3RD Vision Entertainment with ex-executive of FFF (Feature Films For Families and MGM) Darin McDaniel. acclaimed Casting Director Mary Vernieu which would serve as development production company that would help the industry in locate, evaluate, and help scripts reach full potential. He worked closely with the writers, producers and directors on many films and scripts some of which are "Surveillance", "The Joneses" "Pure Life" (Winner of the Francis Ford Coppola Grand Prize Zoetrope Award) "The Thrill is On" "Snake and Ladders" "LA Tango" "Mirage" "Deep Blue Sea" "7th Angel" "The Monkey Farm" and many more and with producers such as Michel Shane, Michael Campus, Darin Stein, Kent Harper, Scott F. Lochmas, David Levy, Jullian Richards, C.M.Talkington, etc. In 2009 he ventured back into the directing chair for his first independent low budget feature film "Abundant Sunshine". He is still actively working with writers, producers and directors as a script doctor.