Destination Vegas

DIRECTOR: Paul Wynne

WRITER: Paul Wynne

STARRING: Jeniffer Sommerfeld, Claude Duhamel & Richard Lynch


SYNOPSIS: When an attorney discovers her client committed murder to close a deal she flees to Las Vegas pursued to two relentless hitmen.


FILM: Smoke N' Lightnin'

DIRECTOR: Mike Kirton

WRITER: Mike Kirton STARRING: Christopher Atkins, Kristoffer Ryan Winters, Catherine Healy


SYNOPSIS: Two Miami car mechanics borrow a luxury car for a night, unaware that it contains classified documents

FILM: Where Truth Lies

DIRECTOR: William H. Molina

WRITER: Ted Perkins

STARRING: John Savage, Kim Cattrall & Malcolm MacDowell

SYNOPSIS: Driven to drink by his wife's death, a tormented doctor is committed to an experimental rehab.

FILM: Dusting Cliff Seven

DIRECTOR: William H. Molina

WRITER: Oliver Darrow, Willian H. Molina & Charles Philip Moore

STARRING: Nancy Allen, Lance Henriksen & Scott Lincoln

SYNOPSIS: The young daughter of a tough, female ex-agent is held ransom for the giving over of a top secret information file which outlines the layout of buried nuclear arms being held as garbage under a government restricted cliff seven in the desert. But to discover this she must go to the area and there, with some unexpected help, encounters the kidnappers in a daring shoot-out finish.

FILM: Road From Erebus

DIRECTOR: David Sporn

WRITER: David Sporn

STARRING: Brenda Price, D. James Reynolds & Morton Hall Millen

SYNOPSIS: A young man's obsession with a mysterious woman unleashes the psychotic rage of her abusive ex-lover/foster father and the seductive manipulation of her jealous alter ego. The woman's shocking secret involves them all in a desperate confrontation that takes place as much inside their own minds as in the physical world, where they must fight for their lives.

FILM: Last Patrol

DIRECTOR: Sheldon Lettich

WRITER: Stephen Brackley & Pamela K. Long

STARRING: Dolph Lundgren, Sherri Alexander & Joe Michael Burke


SYNOPSIS: After a massive earthquake destroys Los Angeles, a new order is formed. But disagreement among the ranks leads to more war and disruption, and The Last Patrol must bring order if there's to be any hope for the future.

FILM: Angels Don't Sleep Here


WRITER: Paul Cade

STARRING: Robert Patrick & Roy Scheider


SYNOPSIS: A man is accused of murder and manipulated into a web of deceit as his thought-to-be dead twin brother plots revenge on those who tried to kill him.

FILM: Lethal

DIRECTOR: Dustin Rikert

WRITER: Jeff Wright & Robert Yap

STARRING: Heather Marie Marsden, Frank Zagarino & Lorenzo Lamas


SYNOPSIS: A sexy and lethal female mercenary takes on an international syndicate of weapons smugglers run by the Russian Mafia.